Frugal makes Life Easy- The C syndrome

I realized yesterday why being frugal makes your life easy. We work in relatively stress free job, where if we keep our ego and job pride aside we would have to worry about nothing. A good number of our co-workers follow this approach, but we are proud people who would rather work a bit more than be found lacking. As you can predict, this results in more stress than necessary and a few minutes ago I found out that the client would like to increase our working hours further more. Needless to say the new information as well as the workload quickly results in the C-syndrome.

The C-Syndrome

This C-Syndrome is not an actual physical ailment; instead it is what I call the problem which ails most CEOs and others with a C before their designation. You are probably suffering if you simply can’t seem to shut your mind off work. If you go back home eat, watch TV and then get on the laptop to work or for pleasure, all the while worrying about the next meeting or the paper you submitted today- you have C syndrome.

Last few days we have been constantly subjected to this, adding to this is the uncertainty and decision of making a major change in our life by changing jobs and becoming and expat. But I digress, getting back to how being frugal makes your life easy.

Yesterday as we sat down after some cooking and getting the kitchen is a better order I realized I was not worried about work or any other stuff while doing my chores. We did not have the time to discuss the subject over and over again which meant not creating a mountain from a mole. So where does frugality come in? We don’t have a household help, none. Most people hires help in one form or the other we prefer to do our own cleaning, cooking and washing. If we had a well-made home and already prepared food we would probably not had the mental break that was required.

Why no Help?

Our lack of help is not because we were forever trying to save money. It stems from our need of privacy and our love of sleeping as long as we want. The fact that a good maid would cost us upwards of 3000/- in big town for all our requirements also makes the decision easy. We have had maids coming in when we were living with our parents but I have forever believed if half the world can survive without maids I surely can. Now if the house is clean it is because one of our lazy asses cleaned it. If not we are the ones who have to live in it.

Almost everyone we know has a maid coming in to take the load of chores away and let people relax when they get back home. Most believe it benefits their lives and allows them to have more time for themselves and their family. I on the other hand have very recently realized that most of these people waste the said time in watching TV. I would rather prepare simple meals myself, move a bit to clean our house and save some early morning sleep. For me sleep equals a better life and occasional cleaning doesn’t reduce its quality. I love cooking and even if I was filthy rich I would probably like to cook myself.

How Frugal makes us better

We are pretty new to actually managing money. We have been decently good with our finances (shown by our home loan equating) but we were yet to take the next step and optimize everything. The best part is it requires some number crunching and both of us love numbers. We have been sharing spreadsheets since forever, be it for a travel plan or how much I will earn when I become a certain age.

As we move forward in our attempts to be more efficient and frugal we hope to find better ways of not just destressing but also learn how it can make us better. For starters we know that consuming less means we are better dwellers of the planet. We also know that by not taking unnecessary loans or not buying more than our pockets allow we will in long turn be better parents as we become better planners today.

Do you believe your frugality makes you better?

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