Expense Report-May 2016 : The month of bad news and sudden expenses

May was a weird month, it showed us we don’t need all the money we had reserved for our day to day expenses and what more it showed us that problems rarely come alone. This month was full of us worrying about our dear ones including a few hospital visits regular update over phones. Overall it was one of the better months where we found our rhythm and I believe we made huge progress in educating ourselves what we don’t need to buy.

The Family troubles

We faced dual troubles on both sides of the family it was all health related issues spanning 3 generations on Mr. S side and a few friction issues on mine. We had resigned to a bad news (at least not-so-good news) every few days. Thankfully we made it through the month without any loss or major setback.

The unexpected expenses

While we were visiting Mr. S to be with the ailing one by one the appliances simply collapsed. Water purifier stopped letting out water and a few hours later the refrigerator stopped cooling any water we had.

The result a new fridge was bought and repair and inspection charges were paid for both the appliances. Both us and the parents believe that second hand and used stuff is a good way to go about things. Still this time we decided to invest in a new fridge which we know will probably last us upwards or 5 years. The one which died on us was used equipment bought last year as both of our families made the move. It was simply not reliable and we believe it was a bad decision on our part to have someone else look at it and finalize the deal. On the other hand our own fridge which has been running for last 5 years is as reliable as it was when we bought it and errors on too cold side instead of no cool.

This expense was pretty much expected we got a gas connection finally. Till now we had been using induction cooker and it simply did not cut it for daily cooking with our lifestyle. This was one of the bigger expenses this month.

induction expenses
Now retired induction cooker which tested my patience more than enough.

To make space for our four burner gas stove we had to finally find space for our microwave. Right now we have it sitting on top of a cardboard box but we knew it would not last. Cut to an ingenious solution which we believe will solve the storage problem we have once and for all. I’ll get back with a pic of our arrangement once we have the table delivered and set up. Combined with the gas connection above this probably cost us a quarter of our total expenditure.

The case of not buying

We realized this month that we don’t need a lot of stuff, not even perishables. We would easily rake up 1000/- every time we stepped in a grocery store. now we are at loss of things to buy. One of the reasons this has happened is because we decided to not buy anything till it is required or we finish our existing stock. Case in point: vegetables and fruits, which we would end up throwing in trash since they would wilt or simply for gross. No doubt a lot of it was wasted because we simply went out instead of cooking it was also mainly because we would buy too much. Today we struggle to get to a total where our parking would be free. This has been a boon, but we are still struggling with how less we actually need. Hopefully we will be able to take advantage of this and reduce our monthly expenses.

Eating out

This was the biggest expense we had this month. I did not cook with all of the drama going around us and we ended up spending 200-300 every day for lunch. Thankfully we did not go out for dinner as much. We have finally decided to accept our shortcomings and pay a tiffin service to feed both of us at a fraction of the cost. I do plan on writing in detail about our choice in near future.

So how much did we actually spend without rent – 22289/-

Here’s the breakup of our expenses

Eating out- 8,159 (35%)

Gas connection-3140 (14%)*

Grocery – 2995.35 (13%)

Furniture- 2856 (12%)

Social activities – 1138 (5%)

Electricity bill- 1007.92 (4%)

Business expenses – 845.68 (3%)

Internet – 700 (3%)

Bike maintenance- 470 (2%)

Hair Cut and others – 510 (2%)

Taxi- 398 (2%)**

Parking- 80 (0%)

Total Expenses without onetime costs= 15905.95

The above figure makes it clear that we spent over half of our monthly expenses on eating out which is simply shameful. Part of this was fueled by overwhelming work and personal circumstances resulting in two very tired people. We raked up the amount during lunch and are definitely not proud of it. We have decided on a few remedial actions (makes us sound some big deals huh!) the results of which we will know by the end of June.


* This was a really welcome break from hours spent in front of induction waiting for one thing to cook so that I can get on with another. Boiling milk had never been so frustrating and don’t even ask me about rotis.

** This was a part of our travel expenses and is a onetime thing. I entered the detail and did not want to redo the calcs.

Feature photo credit: Expenses via photopin (license)

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