Expense Report July 2016

August is here and it has been the rainiest start to august I have ever had. If the locals are to be believed we should be expecting all monsoons to be exactly like this as long as we are in the expensive town. All said and done July was a month of great relief and revelations. It was also a month which saw us realizing we actually need far less than we thought.

In July we decided to get through the month without going out to eat. It turned out to be transformational for us, especially me. Small expenses of 10-20 Rs were something I never really gave a thought to. You’d be surprised how much daily 100/- add up to in a year. Forget about what it does to your health when you eat out frequently it was costing us over 5K in eating out. That’s more than what some people save every month and definitely way more than the actual food we were buying.

Not spending anything in a day is weird and actually not an easy thing to reconcile your mind to. When we would think about what we needed to buy and came up with nothing it was a weird feeling. We have had days where we spent nothing a big fat 0 out of our pockets and those days are very different from what we have been used to in past 5+ years of being married.

Now getting back to the expenses for the month of July a big chunk of our expenses was preventive health check-up. Thankfully we are not suffering any major illness but both of us are highly deficient in vitamins. You know what that means- further expense of buying supplements. Thankfully we have reliable online sources where we can buy these otherwise we would have been running even higher numbers.

This month also continued in the tradition of breaking things- our food processor is now running on only one jar and we need to find replacement jars or will eventually have to buy one. For those wondering we use it extensively and whip out a lot of things which others buy in the condiment and other jars. We expect to get some free coupons around October which will go into this in case we do have to get a new one.

Expense details

Getting back to our spending in June we ended up with a grand total of 17381/-

Medical-Physical Checkup- 4100 (23%)*

Grocery – 2595.26 (14%)

Medication(vitamins)- 1760.5(10%)

Socializing/hosting- 1455 (8%)

Paid lunch – 1365 (7%)

Electricity bill- 1275 (7%)

Bike maintenance- 1010 (5%)

Business expenses – 848.5 (4%)

Internet – 700 (4%)

Cleaning supplies & other miscellaneous – 681 (4%)

Petrol- 500 (3%)

Eating out- 522 (3%)**

Helmet- 350(2%)

Taxi- 135 (1%)

Parking- 40 (0%)

Haircut- 40 (0%)***

* Without this expense it actually comes out to be a pretty decent month in terms of our expenses. actually taking away the medical checkup, vitamins bought and one time helmet expense we ended the month at  11170.4/-

While the number above looks pretty good we actually failed our aggressive goal of keeping our expenses below 10K for the month. There were a few slips along the path like the Rs 522 you see in front of eating out should have been 0. We are taking better actions to make sure that we carry breakfast every day. Also the Lunch lady suddenly feels very expensive and we would have both been very happy without paying 1365/- for our lunches. We are trying to at least reduce the cost by half by packing our lunch as much as we can. Assured lunch makes sure that we do not end up spending 200+ at one of the cheap places nearby.

** Though there is no excuse for the behavior this head shows but in our defense practicality and sensibility is more important than saving money. After a particular long evening hunting for some household supplies we were far too hungry and a burger seemed like a great idea. August we have taken the ban off and still I am not really happy eating out, not just for the cost it amounts to but I like my own food better.

*** Yes you read that right, Mr. S spent a fairly small amount to get his mane tamed. For me the best part is that even in the expensive city we live in this is  very much possible. We did go to a big salon in the mall few months back and he likes both the results equally.

For August my goal is to keep the expenses under 12K and to be true the expensive start we have had to the month makes me skeptical. We are quite well stocked with all essentials including milk and I am hoping for quite a few zero expense days.

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