Royally Frugal Life: What it means for us?

What exactly is a royally frugal life? If you have ever had this question, prepare to be answered today.

When we were wondering what to call the blog this name stood out and called to us because it is exactly the kind of life we have and want. We are not Royals. Yes a lot of people in our country can actually boast of royal blood we are not one of them. We are not rich either, when both of us started working we were provided with one month’s of assistance from our parents and then were supposed to feed ourselves.

I have talked extensively about how we started off and how our spending mentality gave way to saving mentality. Not only was this a big change in how we view money but also our life.

Royally Frugal Life: What we want and love

We love food and our travels around have made us not only aware of various cuisines but have also led us to crave them. A big part of our spending was devoted to eating out. This definitely did not result in empty pantry at home. No sir, we were still buying ingredients and also cooking though far less than we should have. All we have to show for these food indulgences is bigger waistline (for me at least) and a smaller bank balance. Before we moved to the expensive city our food indulgences were both satisfying as well as not as heavy on the pocket. With expensive city the taste has gone down while price tag has gone up. Thankfully we learned how to eat organic food at a much smaller cost to our pockets.

Another one of our major expense is travel and it would not be wrong to say we are addicted to it. A long spell without travel (visiting family doesn’t count) leaves us suffering from various withdrawal symptoms like yearning, lack of focus and hating our job and finances. Thankfully very early in our travel escapades we discovered that luxury travel is simply not for us, our pocket or our taste buds. Don’t get me wrong we love a five star stay any day of the year but there is definitely something to be said about roaming the streets, eating street food and socializing in a nice hostel.

Like majority of people we love to live in a clean, dry and nice house with enough space for us to walk around without bumping into things and small enough to clean by ourselves. Being comfortable with a comfy couch and a good mattress with little maintenance is far more important than the latest style of furniture. We love to live with our things for as long as possible, changing furnishings every three years is definitely not for us. That being said we love new things as much as any other thing, the element of surprise and a new feel is awesome. But I also love owning and using dependable things or repairing my appliances so that they last me a long time.

That is it for us as long as we have a nice clean place to live in eat the kind of food that we like and get to travel the world we would be happy.

Royally Frugal Life: What we don’t care about

We do not dream of owning an expensive car and burn fuel as we speed along on the highway.  No good sir, we are far happier being the lazy people we are and let someone drive us to the destination in public transport. We save fuel, environment and our energy required for driving and navigating. Does that mean road trips are not our style? Nope. We love them but we equally love sleeping the night away in one of the sleeper trains of India as they take us hundreds of miles away. Maybe when we have the luxury of time to slowly travel we would love to ride or drive our way around the vast expanse of our beautiful country. Guess what we need for that to be a reality- yup, financial independence and retirement so that we have time we need to bring our dreams to fruition.

A lot of people would see us with relatively sparse household (I am trying to get rid of few more things) riding around on a 5 year old motorbike and taking non ac sleeper trains around and assume we don’t know how to live our life. Then these people would wonder how we take so many trips and if we earn that much where is our big car. Sometimes the lack of correlation is simply mind boggling.

This is what our royally frugal rich life looks like to us- simple yet fulfilling and with less things in our life to worry about.

I have written extensively about how not owning a lot has helped us claim back both space as well as peace of mind. Remember stuff is not always physical a lot of us carry around excessive mental baggage as well. Maybe unloading the overload will help us all.

In past three months that we have outlined what we want to achieve as well as what our future goals are we have started working our way to living our version of a royally frugal lifestyle. It may not be a cheap thing to start with especially if like us you believe in bulk buying or if your appliances decide to give up on you together.

What I can say with experience is it will get better. Once you get the hang of cooking for yourself instead of spending money eating out you will actually grow to love the taste of your food better. Once you get the knack of finding deals and looking for the cheapest and effective way to meet your requirements you will never want to spend unnecessary money.

We value efficiency and not owning a lot of things as well as devising our own procedures for tasks have helped us achieve a better work life balance not just with our jobs but also with our chores. I hope to have the same lifestyle we have now with limited work and all the time in the world to travel and pursue all of our other desires and hobbies.

Royally Frugal Life: What kind of future we want?

Does our future royally frugal life include full time travel? Maybe. But there is an equally big chance that we do nothing else except sit on our ass and go through life in peace.  For us the freedom to choose what we want to do every day is what a life like royalty means. We have the additional benefit of not having to keep up any appearances which most royalties suffer from. We have thought about this in detail and have not been able to find a way to achieve the luxury of time apart from following frugal ways.

What is your definition of Rich life? Does it include expensive cars or the freedom of travelling the world or maybe the freedom of seeing your child grow up? There is no right answer and we would love to hear from you.

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