Royally Frugal household still going strong- A much awaited update


Financial independence for us is the amazing thing which allows you to go with the flow of life. We are far from calling ourselves remotely FI but in resent months I have loved the freedom of not fretting about money or other issues around it while we concentrate on maximizing our careers. Last few months have been far too busy on the work front for us to be able to look closely into our investments or sit down and write a post. There are a few unfinished posts in different files scattered around on my system but it is high time we talk.

Last few months have been a real roller coaster for us particularly in terms of added responsibility at work, amazing vacation and us taking more steps towards a better lifestyle. The lifestyle we are aiming at is one which allows us to be forgetful about monitoring our investments. It does not mean we did not save, in fact last three months saw a good chunk of our income being saved as we try to reign in our expenses.

We had started this financial year with a goal to keep our monthly spending within 14k not including rent, home loan EMI or parental support. Below is our total monthly spending since June since we are almost at the end of September I am counting the total till 27th.

June- 19,391/- (includes 2,200 for bike tire replacement and 1,918 for Mr. S’ clothes.)

July- 15,049/- (no out of turn expense except paying ~600 to get 300/- vouchers for a retail brand through loyalty points)

August- 11,893/- (this is way too much for a month where we were vacationing for almost 10 days. Though it does include some gardening supplies)

September- 13,774/- ( We still have four days till the end of the month and I am hoping to keep it around 15k. This includes 499/- for Amazon Prime(affiliate), 255 for a headphone and 625 for a trimmer.)

We also bought a replacement for Mr. S’ phone which died in June using the offers in past one week. Amazon Prime was also a result of that well thought shopping spree. We believe at 499 a year it is a decent deal right now as it allows us to buy smaller products for no shipping and gives access to some content.

While we are on the topic of phone I would like to expand a bit on it. Mr S’ phone gave up charging in June and after sinking in some money into it we shifted to a hand me down from parents. It was over 2.5 years old and we both feel like it went out too early. My current phone was bought for 10k and is around 1.75 years old. With all the new models and technologies flooding the market right now I wonder at what rate people change their phones.  When did you last buy a cell phone and what is your usual update schedule?

Apart from shopping around a bit and repairing other items we also purged a decent amount of stuff from our house. We made some 80/- bucks out of it and my tiny apartment thanks me for it. We also sold our couch to a friend leading to a decent amount of space which gives me a lot of peace.

We have been working on cooking more at home and I have been trying to process some fresh produce for us to consume along the year. I am thankful that cooking makes me as happy as it does otherwise it would suck to cook every day. Past weekend I made some cucumber relish and apple jam which turned out amazing and some nankatai which burned since our oven is apparently hotter than the recipe guy’s. We have thankfully managed to keep our grocery bill in check and have barely had to throw away any food.

We have a lot of family time planned and in next few weeks and we plan to sleep in during Diwali holidays. We are also reigning in on our travels for the remaining months as we almost touched out yearly budget with previous vacations in the year.

In terms of our savings the market saw considerable highs last few months and is running on a downhill slope for past few days. I am hoping it will last long enough for us to capitalize on it with salary coming in soon. However we are still way ahead from where we started last year and I hope the next time I update that ticker on the right I can say we crushed the 10% mark.

That’s a lot of English about us, we would like to hear a lot more about you as well. We have been sloppy in responding but are so happy to read new comments coming in every few days.

Let us know how you have been doing past few months.

8 thoughts on “Royally Frugal household still going strong- A much awaited update

  1. Great job keeping track of monthly expenses. Curious to know if personal capital works back in India. That is what we use to keep track of ours. As far as phone goes, I was on a flip phone for the longest time and switched to an android just recently. I like the versatility but I don’t think I am going to be changing my phone anytime soon. But that’s just me.

    1. Personal Capital does not allow you to add Indian accounts and is not that useful. There are multiple other apps which allow you to track and sync everything but they are not as easy as personal capital.

  2. My previous 2 phones were changed in 2 years time. The first was a LG phone and had problem with display. Second was a Nokia phone and even though there was no problem per se, it did not have a selfie camera and so changed it. Got a Moto X Play in Nov 2015. Wanted to get the maximum out of this phone. But recently couple of weeks back dropped the phone on the floor and display / touch screen stopped working. Had it replaced at a local shop for 2.5K and even though the phone has some touch issue, it still manages to meet my needs. So using it for now and see how long it will go. My previous Nokia is still going strong and my daughter is using it currently. Since she is still a kid, she uses it only to listen to music while doing homework and to make/receive calls when she is at home.

  3. I recently got to know about it blog and it’s awesome. I’m soo happy to finally find out a Indian blog that talks about FIRE. May I know which app u use for tracking it expenses. I tried few in d past n not satisfactory

    1. Thanks for calling us awesome far fewer people do it in real life :).
      We have used Andromoney previously but I find it too much work on a daily basis. It does allow you to know where and how you have been spending your money. There are a few other apps as well but we did not feel comfortable having an app read our messages. Also it meant that cash transactions would still have to be entered manually and there are a lot of those. Now days we are quite happy using a google spreadsheet which Mr. S manages.

  4. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs S for being so focused.This is the most through preparation I have ever seen. I am 40 now and feel that i have decent corpus. Unable to pull the plug from corporate. Look forward to more interaction and hope to get confidence.

    1. Let me start by saying you can do it. It might be better if you take a step by step approach. Maybe downshift to a part time job or take a lower stress less pay job or start a side hustle which generates a portion of your expenses. We have found earning even a small sum post retirement apart form calculated corpus can shoot up your chances exponentially.

  5. Thanks for encouraging and definitely working on this. I believe that i have the corpus already considering two kids and it is about fine tuning the mental make up. You have mentioned about that you live in a city with high cost of living. Have you evaluated other cities and any pros , cons. it is important to at least down grade to a tier II city that is more peaceful, less expensive with good health care and education. Please share your thoughts if you have done any analysis or can share any point of view.

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