Expense Report- October 2019

Low Expense Diwali is my kind of Diwali!

Happy Diwali and welcome to the times when we are actually updating our blog at least monthly. October was a good month financially and we brought our expenses way down.

While our focus this month was to get our expenses lowered there have been a few expenses that we had been putting off for some time. We did spend a bit on those but we are still running ahead with a tight fist with the upcoming big transaction which will definitely leave us cash poor. that being said let’s steam ahead.

The Expenses

We do not track our rent and other fixed expenses like Home loan EMIs instead we focus our energy on the things we can change right away which is our household expense. Over the years we have changed how we track expenses quite a bit and with last expense report somewhere 2 years ago it’s safe to say a lot has changed.

Groceries6,220Includes all Diwali stuff
Food-eating out4,736
Appliances, Furniture230
Personal goods350
Baby goods514
Utilities4,849includes double pay for house help
Medical2,713Includes glass for parents
and vaccine for the kid
Social500Diwali Tip
Business247expenses to keep the blog running

The one off expense in medical head and around 1,500 in various Diwali related tips do make me think that we are not far away in achieving our goal of getting down to 15,000/- per month.

The Plan

As our dear child grows up and the very understanding work from home arrangement seems to be ending soon we are looking at the exorbitant costs of day care shortly followed by the school fee+ day care! We knew what we were signing up for when we decided to have a child (thus the decision to delay it a bit) but it is still a shocker.

Apart from the expenses above we pay for our rent, family support and two home loan EMIs. We are looking towards the time when we can get rid of one of the home loans completely and reduce the other drastically. I have written before in detail about how it might not be logical to pay the home loan off. However it has now become a matter of attaining mental peace and growing our real estate holdings.

All that being said…. YAY we actually did not bleed money this month! How did you fare and what were your expenses for the month?

Photo from Unsplash as always

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