Mr. and Mrs. S as you would know us, are a working couple who have decided to work towards a secure early retired future by the time we are 40. In 2016 we have about 10 years to achieve our goals and we are off to a good start after equating our home loan. If you want to read more about our home loan and equations read it here, here and here as well.

There’s a reason why there are no names here, apart from being secret alien ninjas we don’t want to raise red flags should one of our employers comes across the blog. In case you know us (Hi Mom!) or you do discover who we are, try to keep it to yourself or maybe share it with us.

We live in a highly expensive city of India (moved here in early 2016). The big town as we would like to call it has everything but is damn expensive. The need to make ends meet in the city had us looking at our finances and lifestyle hard and with a magnifying lens. The result was our foray into frugality and research into how we can survive the town. None of us had expected to be aiming for an early retirement when we moved our stuff here, thankfully we realized it was possible and decided to work for it.

Since we have become conscious of our useless spending habits we are much more aware of how our money moves out of our hands and into others’. A few calculations and spreadsheets were enough to teach us how every 1000 mattered. Surprisingly we now have a lot more money than we had in the previous city where the cost of living is definitely 75% of the Big Town.

We love travel and eating, and it still remains a very big part of our lives. In fact lot of pictures you will see on the blog are from our travels, like the one on the top. Our drive to frugal and efficient living is not a life of scarcity or a tight fisted one. We believe we live royally, we eat out when we want to and we eat good food of wide varieties. We dress presentable and live in a nice clean comfortable house. The reason why this blog is called Royally Frugal is because we live a royal life frugally and choose luxury when we want or need.

We will slowly add to the blog as we go along. We both have different reasons for financial independence. Mr. S wants to feel free and will probably continue working beyond that. I (Mrs. S) would love to quit the 9-5 drudgery and do something-anything I fancy with my time.

Our timeline currently stretches 3500 days which is pretty close to my 40th birthday (don’t ask me how it feels to be writing about when you are forty!). I hope to be free of any employment (unless I really like my job) before I hit 40.

Mr. S on the other hand has a very simple dream of accumulating more and is not sure if the retired lifestyle would suit him. Whatever he decides would be fine as long as none of us feel trapped or required to work.

We are thankfully blessed with a stable job and a reliable family which has allowed us to make our career and financial decisions solely on the merit of our decisions and our priorities. In future we hope to grow our own family and net worth to live a more content life.

We have started this blog to not just share our journey and maintain a journal (probably laugh at our silly 30 year old selves when we are 40) it is also to help people like us realize that financial independence can be achieved. We believe we don’t have to work our whole life and can actually relax one day and own all of our time. If you have ever wanted to do that you might want to tag along and see how we fare, and share what you are doing to get to the finish line.